Obama’s Photo Op At Dover Flouts Ordered Media Blackout

This morning I noticed a little blurb in this AP piece about the return of the troops kill in RPG attack on the Chinook helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEAL personnel, three Air Force airmen, a five-member Army air crew and a military dog, along with seven Afghan commandos and an Afghan interpreter.

The investigation comes as the remains of the troops killed in the crash were returned Tuesday in an operation shrouded in secrecy by a Defense Department that has refused so far to release the names of the fallen and denied media coverage of the arrival at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Two C-17 aircraft carrying the remains were met by President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs chairman, Adm. Mike Mullen, and a number of other military leaders.

Didn’t the left used to loose their shit over President Bush’s DoD refusing to alllow photographs of the caskets of dead soldiers? So now Obama’s DoD says that 19 of the 30 families did not approve coverage, so there would be a total media blackout, and that’s OK with the left and the media? The lefty blogs are silent, but the media is indeed outraged.

But this being the Obama White House, the story gets weirder and even more macabre. As Jim Hoft notes, the White House said there would be no lasting images from the transfer ceremony. Everyone at the Pentagon was behind them on that, and the media was pissed, but then the White House managed to piss everyone off my creating that lasting image (shown above) and making it their White House Photo Of The Day…

So the only picture taken of this off-limits event were by the official White House photographer. Nice work there guys…

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