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By my count, there are currently three major scandals being exposed from within the Obama administration. Three completely separate and independent messes, each with their own casts of characters and convoluted plot lines. They are:


The filling of the Justice Department’s Voting Rights division with career radical liberals who have, time and time again, had their vision of “voting rights” rejected by the courts, now pushing them as official government policy.


Operation Fast And Furious, where the ATF — with the knowledge and support of several other federal law enforcement agencies — pressured gun dealers to make otherwise-illegal gun sales to “straw buyers” for Mexican drug cartels, then arranged for the weapons to be smuggled across the border into Mexico. All the while with absolutely zero provisions for tracking the guns once they got into Mexico, keeping the guns from being used to kill people (including a LOT of Mexicans and at least one American border patrol agent), or telling the Mexican government “by the way, we’re giving your arch-enemies some military grade hardware for no real definable purpose, so heads up!”


The National Labor Relations Board telling Boeing, after Boeing spent two billion (that’s $2,000,000,000.00) on building a new plant in South Carolina, “you can’t expand there. Since you’re headquartered in a union state, any expansions have to be there, or that’s considered ‘punishing’ the unions — even though not a single union job would be lost — and you just better write off that new plant. Screw South Carolina and those thousands of new, good-paying jobs — they won’t be union jobs, so they don’t count. But if you instead decide to put that expansion into China, that’s just fine with us.”


Ideologically, I’d say the Justice Department one is the worst. These activists have been defeated, time and again, in getting their beliefs past courts. They haven’t gotten them written into law. So now they’re trying to do it by executive fiat.That’s entirely consistent with the Obama administration’s modus operandi, as they’ve been pushing a lot of things without bothering to actually get a law passed declaring it. The UnWar in Libya comes to mind, but that’s only one example.


Economically, I’d have to say the NLRB is the worst. South Carolina and Boeing put a LOT into that new plant, and they are both thoroughly ripshit over the NLRB basically inventing a new “right” — “once a company has a union plant, all future expansions have to be unionized as well, no matter what state they’re in, even if not a single union job is threatened in the slightest.” It’s turning unions into the economic equivalent of AIDS — once you get it, there’s no cure, but you might be able to control the symptoms, but eventually the unions will kill you. Witness the old GM and Chrysler.


Politically, I’d have to say Fast And Furious is the worst. The only explanation that even comes close to hanging together is that the Obama administration found itself with no proof to its claims that a LOT of the Mexican drug cartel’s guns came from the US, so they ginned up this program to make those claims a reality. As a bit of cover, they came up with the “we want to track these weapons back to the bigwigs,” but never actually bothered to set up a tracking program once they got past the border. In the meantime, Mexico is (exceptionally righteously) pissed about it, and at least one American border patrol agent has been killed by one of those guns.


Another unifying element of all these is how they’ve all gone almost criminally underreported in the lamestream media.


So, let’s toss it out to you fine folks — which of these three will cause the most damage to the Obama administration? Or will it be something else I’ve missed?

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