A Failure Of Democracy

With enough Republicans in the Wisconsin State Senate surviving the attempts to recall them, replace them with Democrats, and overturn last winter’s move to cut back the power of public sector unions, we have to face the facts: what we are seeing in the Cheesehead state is nothing less than the abject failure of democracy.


Think about it. Last November, Republicans took the governorship and both Houses of their legislature, and then began enacting the agenda they ran on. This, of course, was utterly intolerable, and provoked the liberals to unleash their full power.


First up, the Democrats in the Senate chose to shut down all action in the legislature by fleeing the state. By depriving the Republican majority of a quorum, they by and large prevented any more action.


Then, their supporters descended in hordes on the state capitol. With their union-chartered buses, their union-bought T-shirts and union-commissioned signs, they occupied the capitol building. They chanted, they shouted, they defaced the capitol, they racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to the building.


Then when the state Supreme Court didn’t rule in their favor, they tried to recall one of the Justices. That failed, too.


And when all that didn’t prevent the Republicans from pushing through the measures they’d ran on. So then the left decided to recall some of the Republican Senators, signing enough petitions to put six of them up for special elections for the egregious sin of resising the will of the liberals.


They needed to defeat three, and despite the millions of dollars and volunteers the unions poured into Wisconsin, they only bagged two. Meanwhile, next week there’s another round of recall petitions, this one aimed at Democrats.


This is the sad state of our democracy — at least, in Wisconsin. What the hell kind of a democracy do we have then politicians actually carry out their campaign promises, in the face of “fleebagger” Democrats, mob rule, and pure partisan recall elections? How many more times do they have to face the ever-diminishing wrath of the left before they realize that actual elections don’t really matter — until liberals win?


This is the future of the Tea Party movement writ large. Winning elections doesn’t mean anything any more to the Left. That just means they have to keep doubling down and trying everything and anything, because democracy only prevails when Democrats win.

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