Sunday stock car/open thread

It’s Sunday, which means hot babes and hot rods.  They don’t build ’em like that anymore.  And check out the magnificent detailing on that body.  I sure wouldn’t mind taking her out for a few hot laps.

The NASCAR circuit heads to Pocono this weekend; Carl Edwards new contract extension with Roush Racing is the big story so far this weekend.  Carl helped push his teammate Ricky Stenhouse to a win last night in the Nationwide Series race, crazy if you didn’t see it.


And the NFL Hall of Fame apparently got a little bit more batshit as freak of nature Deion Sanders was enshrined.  Deion was a loudmouthed, no-tackling, selfish buffoon.  Until he signed with the Dallas Cowboys when he instantly became the greatest corner to ever play the game.  Funny how that works.

Not sure if Deion or Bo was the most freakish athlete I’ve ever seen.  Maybe Marcus Dupree.  Anyway, people in Dallas – people who didn’t know – used to rag on Primetime.  I went to a lot of Cowboy games while Deion was on the team and let me tell you he was worth every penny Jerry paid him.  There were games when the quaterback didn’t just not throw to his side of the field, they didn’t even look.  Like they were afraid to even set eyes on him.

The only receiver who could wear out Deion was Michael Irvin.  The Playmaker owned Primetime.

Oklahoma is preseason #1 in the only poll that matters.  But you knew that was coming.

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