Rick Perry’s divisiveness

The criticism leveled at the Texas Governor’s participation in “The Response” is that the rally was divisive, unconstitutional and unwelcoming. It’s laughable really.  This coming from those who peddled Obama as a uniter, as someone who knows the Constitution, as someone who would be more welcoming than his predecessor… and who alarmingly and incredibly, continue to peddle those lies.

They hide behind separation of Church and State concepts.  They want Americans to see them as objective adjudicators, whose words and whose policies are supposed to appeal to a wider swath of the country when the reality is that since their co-ideologues have assumed power, the country’s never been more torn apart politically, socially and philosophically.

Rick Perry’s involvement in a single religious event has probably garnered more attention from leftists and their psychophants in the press than Obama’s 20 years in a radically racist and anti-semitic church.  Perry’s faith is to be dissected.  Obama’s faith has been largely ignored.

What ought to be up is down. What ought to be right is wrong. What we’re told is unifying is in reality most dividing.

Here’s a video clip of Perry’s prayer at the event this weekend.  What follows is anathema to many.  You can’t help but ask the question why:

He’s a dangerous man isn’t he?

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