A Meme in the Making: “TEA Party Downgrade”


The Senior (as of Teddy Kennedy’s demise) Gigolo from Massachusetts, the Dmocratic Party, and the LSM (but I repeat myself) are completely overlooking S&P’s earlier warnings that the near term debt limit issue was less pressing than the long term spending issue, to insist that the TEA Party is responsible for the downgrade to the U. S. Sovereign Debt rating.

Quoth the man who’s memories were “seared” by his fictional escapade into Laos during the recent unpleasantness in Southeast Asia:

I believe this is without question the Tea Party downgrade

Sure…  Tell us about your lucky hat again too.

And while I hate to credit the Senator who corrected the Senior Gigolo…

“We could have reached an agreement a lot earlier, but the members of the House of Representatives had a mandate last November, and it was jobs and the economy and it was spending. And for them to then agree to tax increases and spending increases was obviously a repudiation of the mandate they felt they had from last November,” McCain said.

He said that much of the “dysfunction” in the current political system could be attributed to “the failure of the president of the United States to lead.”

“The fact is that the President never came forward with a plan,” McCain pointed out. “There was never a specific plan. There was always the so-called ‘leading from behind.’”


Obama remains the only key player at the table who NEVER published a plan which the CBO could grade over the course of the debt limit negotiations.  Choosing not to lead was, in this case, a failure of leadership.  As Ed Morrissey opines:

…Voters sent a clear message in last year’s midterms, and it wasn’t “spend more and increase taxes.”  Democrats refused to listen in 2009 when voters revolted over the addition of another massive entitlement program; voters spent all of 2010 revolting over Obamanomics; and they punished Democrats in November for not listening to them.  Democrats still aren’t listening, and the way they are reacting now, 2012 may make 2010 look like a good year for the Democratic Party.

From Ed’s keyboard to the Creator’s display…

Hat Tip: Ed Morrissey at HotAir


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