Lurching Into Idiocy

Hey, remember John Forbes Kerry? Alias “Lurch” and “Liveshot?” He used to be somewhat important in Democratic circles — Gigolo John was the best candidate the Democrats could find to run against George W. Bush in 2004. He was also the guy who made John Edwards his veep candidate — and we know how well that worked out for him.


Anyway, Ol’ Liveshot was talking recently about the media and the Tea Party, and he offered his opinion — and that’s that the media has a moral and professional obligation to suppress them.




Now, that might sound outrageous, but you have to remember where Lurch is coming from. He’s from the old school, when the media was 100% in the Democrats’ pocket. He simply can’t comprehend that it’s down to about 90%, and their actual influence has been severely diminished. The explosion of media outlets and “new media” means that his sycophants and lickspittles and allies in the mainstream media simply don’t have the power they once held. And in that context, his comment is entirely predictable — he’s complaining that his rumpswabs in the media aren’t doing their duty as well as they used to.


In John Kerry’s world. the job of the media is to promote his side, and keep his opponents from getting any attention. That’s how he interprets the role of the press.


And that’s the guy who the Democrats chose as their standard bearer in 2004.


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