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I don’t know which is worse…

The Federal Government of the United States “single-handedly ‘arming for war’ the Sinaloa Cartel” or the LSM’s determined and studious ignorance of the whole affair.

ATF Accused in Congressional Report of ‘Arming’ Cartel for ‘War’ Through Operation Fast and Furious

By | Fox News

The failed federal anti-gunrunning program known as Operation Fast and Furious got so out of control in November 2009, it appeared the U.S. government was single-handedly “arming for war” the Sinaloa Cartel, documents show, even as U.S. officials kept lying to fellow agents in Mexico about the volume of guns it helped send south of the border.

Those shocking allegations are revealed in the latest congressional report investigating the operation.

At one point, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives say guns sold under the program took just 24 hours to travel from a gun store in Phoenix to a crime scene in Mexico. ATF agents there pleaded for help but were told nothing about Fast and Furious, which was intended to let guns “walk” in order to track them to higher-profile traffickers.

Oh, I forgot about the third candidate for worst in this matter; Democrat’s still using the fallout from this debacle to impose new regulations and propose new laws to “fix a problem” they created in the first place.

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