31 American troops killed in helicopter shoot down

Horrendous news coming out of Afghanistan:

A military helicopter crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing 31 U.S. special operation troops and seven Afghan commandos, the country’s president said Saturday. An American official said it was apparently shot down, in the deadliest single incident for American forces in the decade-long war.

The Taliban claimed they downed the helicopter with rocket fire while it was taking part in a raid on a house where insurgents were gathered in the province of Wardak late Friday. It said wreckage of the craft was strewn at the scene.

NATO confirmed the overnight crash took place and that there “was enemy activity in the area.” But it said it was still investigating the cause and conducting a recovery operation at the site.

I am now moving swiftly toward the mindset that would bring our men and women home from Afghanistan and this news this morning has nudged me even more in that direction.

There is no firm commitment from the top to win this thing, there are fewer and fewer Americans who support our involvement over there, I’m no longer convinced that there’s a strategy for victory and the loss of America’s blood and treasure given these circumstances is simply not worth it.

God be with the families of those killed, God give eternal rest to those who were lost.

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