The Taking Hostage Of Red Chief

I have this schtick I use at the bank whenever I make a deposit. I hand the paperwork (check, deposit slip, cash, whatever) to the teller and say “this is a reverse stick-up. Take all my money.” It usually gets a smile from the teller.


Today, I heard the umpteenth time about how the Tea Party Caucus in Congress is “taking hostages” when they push back against “business as usual” in Washington. If they’re hostage-takers, then they’re the oddest ones I’ve ever seen.

Because, it seems, their message is “keep your money or we’ll blow your head off.”

Think about it. Each time they’re called hostage-takers, their “demand” is for the government to NOT spend money. They’re stopping spending in their fights.


It’s like they’re going up to a rich guy on some drunken spending spree, putting a gun to his head, and keeping him from spending assloads of money.  Except it ain’t the rich guy’s money, it’s the “mugger’s.”And there ain’t no gun, but an entirely legal process.


The whole point of the Tea Party movement was a reaction to the “business as usual” model of government. They specifically ran on the platform of NOT continuing “business as usual.”

What’s scaring the crap out of the establishment is that they are actually keeping those promises, and are not interested in “going along to get along” or learning how to play by the old rules.They can’t handle that level of honesty.


And I find that not only exhilirating, but almost arousing.

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