Regarding Anthropogenic Global Warming

Obviously, global warming is a hot top (pun intended).

Some critics of the Church of Global Warming dismiss global warming as being fictional, as if climatologists were doing this:

Regardless of what AGW critics say, scientific data indicates that the Earth has been going through a warming period.

Consider the following charts from a 2007 IPCC report:

As you can see, global temperatures have been rising since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.  Yet, such warming is not a modern phenomenon. The charts show how warm the Earth was during the Medieval Warm Period. Apparently, the Medieval Warm Period was about as hot as it was at the end of the Twentieth Century.

Believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming would have everyone to believe that the present-day warm period is the result Mankind’s activities.

So, what activities by Mankind caused the Medieval Warm Period?

If the Medieval Warm Period was created solely by natural phenomena, then isn’t it possible that the modern-day warm period has been created solely by natural phenomena, too?

In other words, does Nature need help from Mankind in order to create a global warm period?

To be fair, it should be noted that Mankind’s activities can add to the Earth’s warmth, but are those activities the main culprit?

Here is the deal.  A person can believe in the existence of a modern-day warm period without believing that it was primarily caused by Mankind.

Something else should be considered: A warm period may have benefits.

Regardless of what you believe about global warming, we all sweat the same way when it gets hot.

By the way, where is the “hockey stick” in the above charts?

If it is there, then pity the person who tries to play hockey with it, because that stick is seriously bent out of shape.


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