Sunday Morning NASCAR/Open thread

Good Sunday morning Wizbangers!  Hard to believe it’s almost August already. Hard to believe we’re looking at a 99 degree day as a bit of a relief down in Texas.  Well, in July it’s not all that hard to believe.  Hurricane season can’t get here soon enough.

Today the NASCAR circuit takes its show to historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Brickyard 400.  In recognition of this event please enjoy a look at Playboy Playmate A.J. Alexander, captured on film enjoying last year’s Brickyard 400 festivities.

I know, you’re just dying to see those eyes.  We aim to please at Wizbang.

Jimmie Johnson has a fast car this week.  He got knocked off the pole late in qualifying by one of the Roush/Fenway Fords. Jimmie is starting third and a win at Indianapolis might be the spark that launches him toward a sixth straight championship.

And it looks like there will be a more or less full NFL season after all.  I was getting pretty worried that I’d be forced to make do with college football and NASCAR.  Oh the humanity!  I predict the Cowboys will be a disappointment – but in a division with Daniel Snyder’s Redskins, the Eagles quarterbacked by Michael Vick, and a Giants team that just seems a little flaky it’s still possible Dallas will make the playoffs.

Who cares anyway, right?  College football is just around the corner.  Has there ever been in more tumultuous college football off-season?  Jim Tressel gone from Ohio State, Butch Davis fired at North Carolina, another new coach at Miami, a new coach at Michigan, trouble in Oregon for Chip Kelly, trouble in Auburn, the new Pac 10, and a new Big 10 with the lamest division names imaginable, and a new Big 12 consisting of only 10 teams.  Save the drama for your mama this is gonna be some kind of season.

Plus it should be a lot easier to find college cheerleader babes to post than NASCAR trophy queens.

What else is going on besides kissing the bricks?

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