Portrait Of A Muslim Pacifist

Rick’s piece on the would-be second Fort Hood shooter was a nice little summary, but there’s a bit more that needs to be said. (That’s “Jay Tea Speak” for “I had my own piece, I farted around until Rick scooped me, but I ain’t gonna let my work go to waste.”) The background of PFC Naser Jason Abdo really, really, really needs to be delved into.


Mr. Abdo enlisted in the United States Army in August of 2009. That means it was almost exactly eight years since the United States invaded Afghanistan, and almost eight years of the United States being at war in at least one Muslim nation, fighting and killing Muslims (in the defense of other Muslims, among others). He served in the Army for a bit over a year before filing for conscientious objector status. In that year, he came to renounce his prior beliefs that it was entirely compatible to be a Muslim and serve honorably in the United States armed services. Now, it seems, he had come to the conclusion that he could not, in any circumstances, fight against other Muslims. His loyalty to his faith was stronger than his oath of service, or even his citizenship, apparently.


He worked his way through the Army judicial system for about a year, winning much acclaim from various Muslim and liberal groups for his “courageous” stance in defense of his conscience. Finally, in a stunningly bad move, the Army granted him that status — formally recognizing that “being Muslim” can trump the enlistment contract and oath all recruits pledge to honor.


But that’s when things started getting downright strange. While his backers were celebrating his great victory, Private Abdo was informed that the Army had found child pornography on his government-issued computer. That put his discharge on hold (whatever happened to “alternate service?” Conscientious objectors can and do still serve — hell, three of them even earned the Medal of Honor on the battlefield without compromising their pacifist principles.) and he was informed he’d be facing charges on that.


At that point, he decided that discretion was the better part of valor and fled. He went AWOL and disappeared from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He then turned up not in Mecca, but in Killeen, Texas — where this staunch pacifist was caught trying to buy guns and explosives to engineer his own attack against his brothers in arms (note his discharge is on hold, so he is still enlisted in the United States Army), apparently inspired by Major Abdul Hassan, the Army psychiatrist who is accused of killing 13 and wounding 29 in a shooting spree back in 2009.


Now, Abdo isn’t like the Norway shooter. He didn’t just proclaim himself a Muslim. He declared his faith, the strength of his faith, and the requirements of his faith in a United States Army judicial proceeding. Many Muslims supported and endorsed his explanation of his Muslim faith. (One notable exception that needs to be singled out and praised is the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, who not only called for the Army to deny his claim, but branded him a traitor and insisted that he was dishonoring both the Army and Islam with his claim. And the AIFD has some serious credibility here — their president is a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander, or O-4, the equivalent of a major in the rest of the services.) He was featured on CNN as a courageous, peaceful Muslim trying to live up to his conscience and his faith in a peaceful manner.He was pretty much certified as a “Good Muslim” by a whole lot of people, especially a lot of Muslim groups and the media. (Again, not by the AIFD, and good for them.)


And then he ends up in Texas, looking to further advance his peaceful, tolerant, all-loving agenda by planning an attack on not the base itself, but on a restaurant near the base that is very popular with troops and their families. In other words, he took the instructions on bomb-making from an Al Qaeda handbook, then apparently used William Ayers (the mentor and former neighbor, ally, and friend of President Obama) as inspiration for his choice of target.


For a good series of articles that were invaluable in following the story of Private Naser Abdo, following his adventures in real time, I have to give thanks to the blog “God and Country.” I hadn’t heard of them before, and don’t know much about them, but their articles on Abdo (found by Google) are exceptionally informative.


Remember, Abdo — before the kiddie porn charges were filed and he went AWOL — had been held up as a Good Muslim by many people. A lot of Muslims praised him as an exemplar of Islamic principles and commitment to peace. (Again, not all — one more time, let’s give a serious salute to the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.) And in the space of  a few weeks, he went from resolute pacifist to would-be jihadist and martyr.


It would be fascinating to hear what his supporters have to say now. To see how fast they can try to spin their way out of all they invested in this scumbag.


And I really think his “conscientious objector” status will be reviewed, and not favorably.

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