The new Green economy

So maybe last night’s flippant remarks implying Obama hates black people (and Meskins) were a little premature.  After a little sober reflection it’s clear I failed to connect the tremendous strides Obama has made in sparking the new Green economy.  An economy which seems to be a rapidly rising tide that will lift the boats of all races.

Frankly it’s a bit surprising we haven’t heard more about it in the media.  Our new Green economy is irrefutable proof Obama’s shovel-ready stimulus bill and environmentally savvy regulations have worked exactly as predicted.  Not only that, the new Green economy is comprised of two key elements every progressive holds dear – taking money from one group of vilified entities then giving it to favored groups and forcing people to live their lives as anointed experts think we should.

“But wait, Baron,” you say, “I just read something about a coal mine operator standing up at a public hearing on regulations and telling the crowd he was closing his business.  Business owners are lamenting the administration’s chilling effect on business.”  Anecdote does not data make.  But even then I see five stories about the booming Green economy to every all-too-convenient, second-hand account of some rich guy complaining about paying his fair share.

Shared sacrifice applies to the coal and hospitality industries too.  They may feel a temporary pinch.  What they’re overlooking is are the Green shoots Obama has sown that will more than make up the slack in our economy.  One prime example is the recycling industry, where every day you see stories about ambitious entrepreneurs cashing in on the skyrocketing price of metals.  In Lawrence County, PA.   In Goldsboro, NC.  In Sardinia, OH.  Even here in Dallas, TX.

They’re not just lining their pockets, they’re helping make the Earth a Greener place.  Beyond the direct impact on their personal wealth they’re creating hundreds of good-paying jobs replacing stolen wiring, pipes, air conditioners, wheels or anything metal.  The effects of the Green economy really do trickle down unlike Reaganomics.  Green pioneers are putting Americans to work today – not years from now when some rich millionaire possibly invests his ill-gotten lucre.

Not to mention the decreasing energy consumption and reducing America’s use of fossil fuels.  And you can’t waste water without plumbing, now can you?

What about alternative energy?  Tired of paying through the nose at the pump like a sucker?  All across America start-up minded individuals are exploring new ways of fueling vehicles.  Helping companies and families use less gasoline until the tiny, fuel efficient cars of the future Americans want are ready.

You can’t be mistaken for missing these Green shoots.  Obama is too modest to take credit.  It’s truly a bottom-up recovery.  How many new stories have you heard about homeless people?  Unemployment at 9+ percent, underemployment another 9 points on top of that and nary a homeless person in sight anywhere.

I’ve got a feeling as soon as a Republican takes the White House the Green economy will be so shaken you’ll quickly see nightly stories about the hardships homeless Americans are facing.  Republican presidents seem to have that effect on industries that keep otherwise homeless people working.

Maybe blacks and Hispanics are struggling a bit now under the weight of Obama’s recession but they should be poised to win the future.  As today’s Green workers take early retirement or just take time to collect their pension those Green jobs of the future Obama promised will open up for you.  All it takes is hard work and perseverance.   Paying off America’s $100 trillion unfunded Social Security and Medicare liability will be a sporadic, windpower-generating breeze.

Especially with Boehner and Reid debating a thimble or shot glass to bail the Titanic…with Obama screaming we should drill holes to let the water out.  And something about corporate jets.

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