We May Have Found The Internet Explorer Bug Affecting Our Readers

Some of our readers have reported issues accessing the site from machines with Internet Explorer installed. We’ve had several people working on the problem, but until this evening we had not been able to replicate the problem. Thanks to Wizbang reader James Eager I was able to troubleshoot the issue remotely on a machine experiencing the issue this evening.

As near as we can tell the issue was related to a Facebook Members widget in the site footer. The page recovery errors that were seen appear to only happen on older versions of IE on Windows XP. That widget is remove and in our testing we’ve seen an end to the page crashing issue.

Internet Explorer Users: If you’re not having any site load issues there’s nothing you need to do. If you are having any issues reading the site with Internet Explorer please delete your Temporary Internet Files and then try and access the site. Everything should work.

Please let us know here or via e-mail (tips at wizbangblog dot com) if you’re having issues.

Update: I made one last attempt at easy fixes, buy removing and ad panel I suspected of being a problem. Please leave feedback – OS and Browser version – in the comments if you’re having issues.

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