One Federal Employee Has A Non-PC Idea On How To Reduce Spending

Earlier this week all federal employees and members of the military received an e-mail like this:

Here’s a chance to make a difference! The White House has launched the 2011 President’s SAVE (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) Award contest. The contest encourages federal employees to submit ideas for innovative ways to reduce spending within their respective agencies. One contest winner will have the opportunity to present his or her idea directly to President Obama. Might it be you?

Over the past two years, more than 56,000 ideas have been submitted to OMB for review. These suggestions have helped agencies identify areas for cutting and improvement, and nearly 40 of them have been included in the President’s Budget proposals. All contest submissions are confidential, and can be made at

Please consider participating before the competition closes on July 29th, as this effort is an important way to generate a more efficient and effective government for the American people.

Want to know which entry is currently in first place with a little over a week to go?

Something tells me that the submitter of that idea isn’t going to get an audience with the president.

Think about how awesome it would be if that entry was still in first place when the contest ends next Friday. If you know any federal employees or military members, have them sign up and vote for this entry here.

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