“A Big Effing Deal”

Recently, the Justice Department issued a report in the infamous Philadelphia New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case. It looked at its own behavior in that case, where the Justice Department had actually won a default judgment against them and then dropped the case, and — unexpectedly! — found that it had done nothing wrong.


This was greeted with much glee on the left (here’s a good example), who had said all along that it really wasn’t that big a deal and was overblown and the only people who thought it serious were a bunch of raaaaacists, because the thugs were black.


This reminded me about the ACORN voter fraud registration scandal, which was pooh-poohed as — to coin a phrase — “small potatoes” because it only led to a few confirmed cases of voter fraud, and wasn’t that big a deal and was overblown and the only people who thought it serious were a bunch of raaaaacists, because ACORN tends to do a lot of work on behalf of blacks and other minorities.


And then last week, a report came out that there were some hefty indications that military absentee ballots were systemically suppressed, with 14 states and the District of Columbia failing to comply with the 2009 law requiring such ballots be mailed out 45 days in advance of the elections. This is by and large being ignored by the mainstream media and the left, certainly giving the implication that this is no big deal to them.


What do all these stories have in common? I hate to say it, but the first thought I have is the left has no problem with assing around with elections as long as it’s in ways that will benefit them.


This is not to say that they have no problems whatsoever with assing around with elections. After all, efforts to ask for an ID from a voter — applying the same kind of onerous demands we put on people who want to buy alcohol, decongestants, or cashing a a check — is greeted with cries of voter suppression and — you guessed it — raaaaacism.


I can claim that my hands are clean. There was a clear-cut case of election tampering here in New Hampshire, back in 2002, and I repeatedly called for severe penalties on the state Republican Party. I’m still angry that only a couple guys went to jail, and think that the final penalty that the GOP paid was far too light.  And all they did was engineer to jam the Demcorats’ phone lines for a part of election day, blocking the “get a ride to the polls” and “hey, did you remember to vote?” lines for several hours.


“Assing around with elections” is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to our system. It threatens the most fundamental aspect of our system — the people’s faith in the freedom and fairness of the elections. And when the people no longer trust the elections, then they have no reason to trust the entire government.


But that, apparently, is “small potatoes.” The only election manipulating worth worrying about is that which hurts Democrats. Rigging things to help Democrats? Why, that’s just the way it’s supposed to work.

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