“It’s tantamount to fiscal child abuse.”

The Leftists in California are up in arms but it’s the truth. Tough love, people. I just hope to God the woman who uttered those words does not back down:

How does one drive home the seriousness of a fiscal time bomb that won’t explode today, but many years down the road?

Such was the conundrum facing Marcia Fritz, CPA and president of  the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility (which is pushing for major public pension reform) when she testified recently before lawmakers in Sacramento.

“I was testifying on problems with using collective bargaining to negotiate pension changes when individuals on both sides gain from benefit changes, and elected officials are bribed through campaign contributions to go along,” Fritz told us. “Since kids can’t vote, and they are the ones who have to pay the unfunded liabilities created by these selfish decisions, it’s a form of abuse.”

So in her testimony, Fritz uttered these words: “It’s tantamount to fiscal child abuse.

Ohhhhh boy.

Hey, we’ve been told over the years that there are various types of child abuse: sexual, physical, mental, emotional. So why wouldn’t there be such a thing as fiscal child abuse?  That is, after all, what the Left in this country is doing to today’s kids. It’s the kids who will be required to pay for all these irresponsible public policies when they reach adulthood and start working.

But the Leftists are screeching:

Social workers are horrified  – as they make abundantly clear in a video on the web site of a coalition of public employee unions called Protect Retirement Security.

“Anyone in the public eye should not be demeaning the plight of victims,” social worker Sarah Taylor says. “It goes against nature, what I see, where the parents are inflicting violence and sexual abuse on children. To compare that to a fiscal system, it’s appalling.”

Several people echo those sentiments, and then David Low of the California School Employees Association sums up by saying that this illustrates how Fritz’s true agenda is not to have a real dialog about the issue, but to inflame people’s anger.

Boo hoo. School unions don’t care about the kids. The Wisconsin union protest proved that. So David Low can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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