The War Against Pebble Mine

Following up on the copper conundrum previously mentioned here at Wizbang, Ron Arnold writes about some of the famous Hollywood and Silicon Valley opposition to what could be the worlds largest copper mine. From the story:

I asked Pebble Limited Partnership Chief Executive Officer John Shively what he thought of this outsize opposition. "To try stopping this project before we've even announced what it will be is to deny us the due process people in this country are entitled to.

True, but why is the opposition to the Pebble Mine so ferocious, so hugely funded, so desperate? What's so terrifying about this mine that other mines haven't aroused?

"I can only think of one reason," Shively said. "They don't know what we have in mind, only rumors that we've been constantly working to make it the perfect environmentally sensitive mine. I think they're trying to stop it before it starts because we might actually do it and do it right."

Read more at the Washington Examiner and Resourceful Earth.

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