Casey Anthony Is A Free Woman

Casey Anthony celebrates

Casey Anthony, arguably the most hated unconvicted murderer since OJ Simpson, is a free woman as of a few minutes ago. Anthony, who was acquitted off murder and child neglect charges 12 days ago, walked out of Orange County jail this evening. From CNN:

…The questions about how Caylee died, and who was responsible, remain open. But a more immediate issue is what happens next to the girl’s mother, who attracted intense anger, revulsion and even sympathy from a public that she will once again be a part of.

While there have been cash donations to her jailhouse account, the more widespread sentiment is against Casey Anthony, with many feeling she killed her daughter and got away with it. This fury has led to speculation that the polarizing subject of the “I Hate Casey Anthony” Facebook page — and the source of ire for its more than 40,000 fans — might change her name and appearance and move someplace far away.

“If her attorneys are doing the right thing and are doing their jobs, they’re going to have to explain to her that there is real hatred out there for her, that there have been death threats, that she cannot just walk amongst the population,” HLN legal contributor Sunny Hostin said. “That is not just going to happen.”

Florida corrections officials, and Anthony’s lawyers, have offered few details about what will happen to her once she’s out. That’s in part likely due to the intense emotions Anthony’s release has generated.

No one really knows what’s going to happen to Casey Anthony, but you can be certain that whatever she does or whatever happens HLN will devote round the clock coverage to it…

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