Where Obama’s “80% Who Want Tax Increases” Came From


Obama’s bombshell that 80% of Americans favor increasing taxes is blowing up the blogosphere now. Reactions range from “it’s a lie” to “they can’t do math” to Traffic Santa calling the president’s bluff: “I challenge you to introduce legislation raising taxes on 80% of Americans.”

The answer, however, I culled from my years of creating chartjunk. I suspect he’s getting his fungible numbers from this Gallup poll:

The only important number here is the first one, the 20%. The president said, in effect, if you’re not one of the 20% who actually responded you favor tax increases. Thus, 80% (which included people who didn’t answer the question) are for tax increases. While that’s sorta true, it’s about as disingenuous a statistic as I’ve ever heard.

Using the same logic, 96% of American are for spending cuts.

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