Gunwalker; A Criminal Enterprise by Federal Law Enforcement

When agents sworn to uphold the law are directed to ignore, and in fact encourage, violations of the law, you know something is seriously wrong.

When it’s the Department of Justice doing so across all Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and the Department of Homeland Security, it’s time and past time for a serious house cleaning to include prosecutions of Federal Officials under RICO.

More ‘Gunwalker’ Emails Suggest Gun-Control Conspiracy

by Bob Owens | Pajamas Media

It was bad enough that more than a half-dozen director-level law enforcement officials and an unknown number of supervisors and managers acquiesced to a plot that armed cartels with more than 2,000 weapons in ATF’s Phoenix Field Operations area. But saying that a combination of groupthink, stupidity, and institutional inertia is to blame for this fiasco is giving dozens of federal law enforcement officers across multiple agencies the benefit of the doubt that they are merely criminally incompetent.

The increasingly more plausible motivation: political appointees of the current administration concocted a scheme to destabilize a friendly government to restore the flagging anti-gun movement.

That scenario would have seemed paranoid just weeks ago, but new evidence appearing almost daily indicates that the “Fast and Furious” scandal based in Arizona may be just one part of a much wider campaign by multiple government agencies acting well beyond the law.

I was slow to this story because I didn’t want to appear to be alarmist nor a conspiracy theorist.  The story just fit too well with Obama’s “under the radar” gun control comment and my own distrust of Democrat’s when it comes to arms and the Second Amendment.  It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I erred in so doing, and that this stinking mess was conceived and implemented at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the Obama Administration.

Bob Owens, who has done yeoman’s work on this story, continues:

Recent developments indicate that in addition to Fast and Furious in Arizona, another  gunrunning operation was headquartered in ATF’s Tampa Field Operations area. It allowed roughly 1,000 firearms to be smuggled to the ultra-violent MS-13 gang in Honduras.

Evidence also suggests that similar multi-agency programs exist in both the Houston and Dallas Field Operations areas covering all of Texas and Oklahoma.

Taken together, this suggests that we are not dealing with an isolated incident, but an ambitious and insidious attempt by the highest levels of a rogue government to reshape our world by any means necessary.

That is a danger of a progressive out to do “good” for someone else’s sake.

Bob concludes:

Every component of federal law enforcement within the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security — and most likely with the knowledge of the Department of State — undertook a massive operation designed to facilitate the flow of thousands of weapons into the hands of some of the most vicious criminal organizations on Earth. These operations likely took place with the full knowledge of cabinet level officials, and possibly the White House. The weapons “walked” were used to gun down innocent men, women, and children, not to mention the brave police officers and soldiers in each nation trying to wage peace.

It demands a criminal investigation and the possible RICO prosecution of dozens of federal law enforcement officers, supervisors, senior management, political appointees, and possibly elected officials.

Our federal law enforcement apparatus became a criminal conspiracy. This was an assault on the democratic rule of law and the very essence of our republic.

Ayup.  Full investigation and RICO prosecution’s all around.

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