“I understand this may be wrong”

Those words coming from the man who’s confessed to the killing and dismembering of 8 year old Leiby Kletzy in Brooklyn:

In the 450-word alleged confession, suspect Levi Aron claimed that Kletzy had asked him for a ride to a book shop, but then “changed his mind and wasn’t sure where he wanted to go.”

“So I asked if he wanted to go for the ride — (a) wedding in Monsey — since I didn’t think I was going to stay for the whole thing since my back was hurting. He said OK,” Aron said, according to the transcript.

Leiby Kletzky went missing while walking home from a day camp.

“Due to traffic, I got back around 11:20 p.m. … so I brought him to my house thinking I’d bring him to his house the next day,” he added. “He watched TV then fell asleep in the front room. I went to the middle room to sleep.”

The next morning, Aron said, the child was still sleeping “when I was ready to leave.”

“So I woke him and told him I’ll bring him to his house … when I saw the flyers I panicked and was afraid,” he said. “I was still in panic … and afraid to bring him home. That is when I went for a towel to smother him in the side room. He fought back a little bit.”

Aron said he again panicked “because I didn’t know what to do with the body.” He then described in graphic detail how he dismembered the body.

“I understand this may be wrong and I’m sorry for the hurt that I have caused,” he added. 

He kills a child.  Dismembers the body.  And he understands that it may be wrong.

How does one get to a point where right and wrong can be so blurred?  How?

God’s rest and peace be Leiby’s and God’s justice for Mr. Aron as I cannot find it within me to seek His mercy for him.

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