Obama Blames Himself For Economic Problems

Ever since President Obama first started running for president (2004-present), it’s been entertaining to see who he will accuse of blaming for our economic woes. Sometimes it seems like there’s a boogeyman of the week, some group or profession or industry that is misbehaving and must be punished. Just off the top of my head, he’s gone after hedge fund managers, greedy doctors who perform unnecessary appendectomies and amputations, corporate jet owners, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, the auto industry (there he didn’t blame or threaten, he just took over and bypassed the bankruptcy process, screwing over bond holders in favor of his buddies in the unions), incandescent light bulb manufacturers (again, there he just cooperated with putting them out of the business), Boeing (who spent a couple of billion building a new plant that his Labor Department won’t let them use)… the list goes on and on. (Feel free to add your own in the comments.)


It’s his style. It’s how he rolls. He needs to be the good guy, and that requires him to find a bad guy to square off against. So he has to pick out some group and make them the bad guy. It’s nothing personal to him, and not to be taken seriously; he doesn’t carry a grudge, he just needs to kick them around for a little while. All they have to do is tough it out until he needs another target. And if they take some lumps in the process — so what? They had it coming, anyway.


Well, now Obama’s done it. He’s managed to target for his Two Minute Hate a group to which he belongs:


Best-selling authors.

That’s right, the guy who gave us “Dreams From My Father” and “The Audacity Of Hope” (both New York Times best-sellers) is informing us now that people like him are “not off the hook” in paying their “fair share” of taxes.


I eagerly await a full accounting of how much in taxes he paid on his royalties, and what else he did with the money he made from his book.

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