New Evidence that Operation “Fast and Furious” was about domestic gun control

Ace (of Ace of Spades) has the scoop:

Hmmm… II: Email Suggests Fast & Furious Mission Was Gun Control

Ace | Ace of Spades
Or at least one of several missions. I’m not sure this proves the case that many wish to be proved, because it seems, to me, to be an ancillary goal, rather than the main goal.

But certainly it seems to have been a goal.

They did in fact just pass a rule requiring gun dealers to report anyone buying multiple long arms in a five day period.

While I must (reluctantly) agree with Ace that this is not a smoking gun, the implementation of the “demand letter” (which does NOTHING to deal with the actual issue) does indeed support the theory that this whole mess was indeed part of Obama’s “under the table” gun control plan.

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