Barack Obama: “Unlike anyone we have seen before”

Peter Wehner delves into Obama’s narcissism:

Obama, according to Obama, is quite simply better, much better, than those around him. He is a man of pure motives and unparalleled reasonableness, extraordinary intellectual depth, and unsurpassed seriousness. Others are driven by narrow self-interest, by the political calendar, by outside pressures. They are too ignorant or too weak to do the right thing, the good thing, the hard thing.

Not Obama.

Members of Congress, from both parties, are trapped by their own ideological predispositions. Obama, according to Obama, is not. He is free from bias, able to see reality whereas others merely see shadows. It is not easy to be Obama in a fallen world.

Politics tends to draw into its orbit people who are inordinately impressed with themselves and caught up in excessive self-love. But in Barack Obama we have stumbled across someone unlike anyone we have seen before. This is a man, after all, who believed he had it within his powers to heal the planet and reverse the ocean tides. And as the hopes and dreams of his 2008 campaign continue to crash down around him — as his popularity wanes, as some of his most worshipful followers turn from him, as he is  unable to extract himself from the results of his failed policies — his narcissism seems to grow, not diminish. It is hard to tell where this will all end. But I suspect it won’t be pretty. Watching what happens to those who fall in love with their own reflection rarely is.

I’ve noticed a consistent look in the President’s eyes of late.  A hard edge suggesting he’s fed up with the job though not necessarily the job’s trappings.  A look of impatience and frustration and even anger that things aren’t going his way and that his aura, artificially created, is fading. He’s in over his head and this becomes clearer each day and yet Wehner is right in noticing that despite his failings, and they are now legion, he continues to believe his ways are superior.  That hard edged look I’m seeing more frequently now is a look of utter disdain for that growing pool of people who no longer think him to be all that.

Wehner’s prediction of a less than pretty end for Obama’s reign is logical.  The question is how much more damage will be wrought before that end arrives.

H/T to Matteo

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