China Says We Spend Too Much On The Military

Think about the poor. Think about the middle class.

Also, there’s absolutely no reason to pay any attention to the coast of Oregon on November 16th. Heck, that’d be a good day just to have the entire state move any defensive weaponry to other places, possibly on the East coast. Also, no sense wasting any money on things like radar or telescopes for the week leading up to that day, either.

Okay, who else is completely un-surprised that the latest budget deal sounds exactly like what China is telling us?

The chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army, Chen Bingde, told reporters that he thought the U.S. should cut back on defense spending for the sake of its taxpayers. He was speaking during a joint news conference in which he traded barbs with visiting U.S. counterpart Adm. Mike Mullen.

“I know the U.S. is still recovering from the financial crisis,” Chen said. “Under such circumstances, it is still spending a lot of money on its military and isn’t that placing too much pressure on the taxpayers?”

“If the U.S. could reduce its military spending a bit and spend more on improving the livelihood of the American people … wouldn’t that be a better scenario?” he said.

Are you kidding me? This, while we’re looking to cut thousands of jobs in the Navy.

The day I’m lectured to by an enemy combatant about my military strategy is the day I give up any hope of resisting that enemy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Staff Sergeant Leroy A. Petry, MOH, USA
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