Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was our first on the new site and with the new comment system. Turnout was a little lower than normal, but still very respectable for a post Jully 4th weekend where a lot of people are on vacation. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:


Here are the winning entries:

1) (P_Bunyan) – “TSA decided to take a closer look at Barney Frank’s luggage.

2) (Stephen Macklin) – “Mr. Weiner, maybe you should go back to sending photos on Twitter

3) (Jeff Blogworthy) – “TSA: You can put it in a trunk, we’ll still touch your junk

4) (Sue Palmer) – “You didn’t realize that you could have just walked across our southern border?

5) (McGehee) – “Obama’s new initiative to provide the homeless with better places to sleep, still has a few wrinkles to iron out.

6) (retired.military) – “President Obama came up with a novel solution when he was told that no more people would fit under the bus.

The Readers Choice Award this week went to P_Bunyan. In its place we honor one more excellent caption that played off Clintonian era detail.

(Joe Miller) – “Turns out former labor secretary Robert B. Reich prefers to travel this way. ‘It gives me plenty of room,’ he said. ‘And I don’t have to answer stupid questions about why I believe the Card study on the minimum wage.’

That’s all for this weekend. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

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