“These Aren’t The Reasons You’ll Be Voting For…”

 (I just noticed Rick touched on this story already.  Oh well.  I’m getting used to this new interface, and am just happy I figured out how to post something.)

 On Thursday, Obama’s top political advisor attempted to employ the “Jedi-mind trick” on us.

 Original verbage follows (From The Hill):

 “Americans won’t cast their votes in the next presidential election based on the unemployment rate, President Obama’s top political adviser said.

“The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers,” David Plouffe said, according to Bloomberg on Wednesday. “People won’t vote based on the unemployment rate, they’re going to vote based on: ‘How do I feel about my own situation? Do I believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family?'”

Some political observers have voiced skepticism of Obama’s reelection prospects given the 9.1 percent unemployment rate. That’s a higher unemployment rate than any president who has won reelection since World War II, according to Bloomberg. Except for Reagan, who won reelection when the unemployment rate was at about 7 percent, no other president in that span was voted into a second term with an unemployment rate above 6 percent.

Plouffe added that this race would be much closer than the last one.

“It will be a closer race than last time,” he said. “They will run a better race than last time, whoever it is.”

 Jedi Mind Trick translation:

 Plouffe: “They won’t care about the economy”

 Stoopid Americans: “We won’t care about the economy”

 Plouffe: “These aren’t the issues you will vote on.”

 Stoopid Americans: “These aren’t the issues we will vote on.”

 Plouffe: “It’s none of your business.”

 Stoopid Americans: “It’s none of our business.”

 Plouffe: “Vote Obama.”

Just a little peek into the mind of the Obama administration’s utter disdain for how us rubes think.

This dufus is Obama’s TOP political adviser. Unbelievable?  Yes.  Bad?  Hell no! If this is the kind of fantastical fictional advice he will be feeding into Obama’s unnaturally large ears for the 2012 election, then “May the Force be with you!”

To highlight some of the economic statistics that we stoopid Americans will not care about, Thursday’s Investor’s Business Daily editorial flat out states Obama has “made the recovery worse” claiming there are “many economic indicators that are demonstrably worse since Obama took office.” (All true, so why use the term “recovery?”):

 • There are 2 million fewer private-sector jobs now than when Obama was sworn in, and the unemployment rate is 1.5 percentage points higher.

 • There are now more long-term unemployed than at any time since the government started keeping records.

 • The U.S. dollar is more than 12% weaker.

 • The number of Americans on food stamps has climbed 37%.

 • The Misery Index (unemployment plus inflation) is up 62%.

 • And the national debt is about 40% higher than it was in January 2009.

 In fact, reporters who bother to look will discover that Obama has managed to produce the worst recovery on record.

 By this point in the Reagan recovery after the 1981-82 recession, for example, unemployment had been knocked down to 7.4% from a peak of 10.8%, and quarterly GDP growth averaged a screaming 7%.

 Under Obama’s recovery, we’re stuck with 9.1% unemployment, and an economy that’s managed to eke out an average of just 2.8% growth since the recession ended two years ago.

 Meanwhile, 70% of small businesses report that they’ve delayed hiring thanks to economic uncertainties, and more than three-quarters say the country is still in a recession.

Nope.  None of these fancy-shmancy numbers mean anything to us.  Just irrelevant mumbo-jumbo that doesn’t make us feel anything, and most certainly makes us feel that Obama cares about ” me and my family.”


Certainly, a far cry from the Clinton War Room’s anthem of  “It’s the economy, Stupid!”

And all of this occurring under the reign of an incumbant President that some claim is unbeatable?

As a wise Jedi once said:

At an end your rule is… and not short enough it was.

I’m with Yoda, Stupid!

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