“I am running for president…”

A guest blogger over at my place has made a decision… and I think the dude’s serious:

There is currently an experiment in Social Media going on at www.votocracy.com.  It is a mock election with real world implications.  I’d like to ask for your support.

I am running for president and unlike virtually all of the other candidates, you know exactly where I stand on a host of issues.  You may not agree with everything I’ve written, but I’ve laid it out there.  I hope you’ll agree that is the type of “lay it on the line in an honest fashion” leadership the country needs right now.  Also, unlike our current administration or many of the challengers, I have a definite plan. 

Since this is a blog, and many of you have blogs of your own.  I ask that you support my candidacy by going to www.votocracy.com and voting for me AND ask your friends to do the same thing.  If they want to know where I stand, send them to the Brutally Honest Tom Flake archives.  They can get more information in half an hour on my positions than they’ve gotten in four years (candidacy + presidency) on President Obama’s positions.

He couldn’t do any worse than Obama.

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