Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following photo.

Handout photo shows an inmate hiding in a suitcase during an escape attempt from a prison in Chetumal


Winners for last week’s contest as well as this week’s contest will be announced Monday morning.

"Sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests"
Eric Holder's Justice Department Declines To File Charges Against Attorney With Child Porn


  1. Schwa Corp July 9, 2011
  2. rodney dill July 9, 2011
  3. Joe Miller July 9, 2011
  4. Mario Delgado July 9, 2011
  5. Anonymous July 10, 2011
  6. Sue Palmer July 11, 2011
  7. Kevin July 11, 2011