Three terrific videos on economic freedom

Here are three very well done videos on the value of economic freedom and the curse of regulation. Watch them if you get a few minutes. They are short and to the point. Just when I would be about to say, “don’t forget to tell them about …”, they would cover that point as well.

1. The consumer surplus. Why products first cater to the rich, then as volumes rise, they are available for everyone.

Thanks to Econtalk for the pointer.

2. Economic freedom yields prosperity vs. while government control leads to poverty:

Thanks to the Economic Freedom organization.

3. Government wants to regulate taxis in Washington DC, driving down the freedom of taxi drivers, driving up the rates for taxi rides, and decreasing the supply of a product, to benefit the owners of taxi companies and politicians who take their donations:

Thanks again to Econtalk.

Just something to think about.

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