Romney: Obama has turned the audacity of hope into the audacity of indifference

I’m loving this… though my love for Romney hasn’t changed much:

Republican White House hopefuls on Friday charged that dismal new jobs figures reflected President Barack Obama’s botched handling of the economy, US voters’ top grievance ahead of the 2012 elections.

“Today’s abysmal jobs report confirms what we all know — that President Obama has failed to get this economy moving again,” thundered the field’s frontrunner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

“With their cavalier attitude about the economy, the White House has turned the audacity of hope into the audacity of indifference,” he said, playing off one of the key slogans of Obama’s historic 2008 presidential campaign.

Romney’s broadside came after the US Labor Department said that the ailing US economy, still digging out from the 2008 global meltdown, had generated a paltry 18,000 jobs in June and the unemployment rate had ticked up to 9.2 percent.

Keep this up Mr. Romney… and talk to your Republican friends in DC and tell them not to cave on the tax issue.

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