Investors Business Daily Opines: Romney is Right

The Economy is worse off than when Obama took office.

The Media’s spin and narrative can only run against observable reality for so long.  As Abraham Lincoln famously noted, you cannot fool all the people all the time.  At this point, it’s only the hard core left who believe, because they want to believe, that the economy getting noticeably better.

Romney’s Right: It [the economy] Is Worse Now

Editor | IBD

But it’s clear he’s [Obama] made the recovery worse. And there are, in fact, many economic indicators that are demonstrably worse since Obama took office. Here are a few we’ve noted in this space before:

There are 2 million fewer private-sector jobs now than when Obama was sworn in, and the unemployment rate is 1.5 percentage points higher.

• There are now more long-term unemployed than at any time since the government started keeping records.

• The U.S. dollar is more than 12% weaker.

• The number of Americans on food stamps has climbed 37%.

• The Misery Index (unemployment plus inflation) is up 62%.

• And the national debt is about 40% higher than it was in January 2009.

In fact, reporters who bother to look will discover that Obama has managed to produce the worst recovery on record.

We teeter even now on the edge of a full blown depression, as Obama and his advisers keep turning to the same failed methods which have produced the worst recovery on record.  The Republic cannot afford to support the left’s ongoing holiday from sane.

Hat Tip: Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds

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