A big welcome to the ‘sphere to Easmeil

I know him as Mike… as a funny guy who actually does stand up comedy locally… as a pillar of the community… as a business owner… as a Dad and husband and uncle and brother and friend…

But now I get to know him as a blogger at Interesting Times:

Do you remember when the future was cool? Do you remember when you were a kid? Do you remember growing up with visions of electric cars, flying cars, space travel, cool ways to live and cool ways to grow food? Do you remember lasers and how cool they were going to be? I remember visions of Buck Rogers, saving the planet with laser guns. I remember, when I was a kid, how amazing the future would be. I remember looking ahead thinking that whatever my current circumstance was, “the future” was going to be different, better.

I remember when the future was going to be cool.

We need that kind of belief again.

It’s a tough time for optimists like myself. I usually believe that every problem has a solution. I believe that people are generally well-intentioned. I believe that if, as a society, we focused more on possibilities and solutions and rejected the fear mongering by our 2011 snake oil salesmen and the toxic political discourse by our politicians we could create a better tomorrow. It’s really not that tough. We can make the future cool again. So what,  if the lasers Buck Rogers used aren’t saving the planet. So what, if instead of saving the planet, they’re now being used to remove hair from women’s upper lips and dude’s backs (You know… on some level those applications are kind of like saving the planet).

Here are some practical steps that I humbly suggest:

1. Ignore anybody who uses fear to motivate you or manipulate your behavior.
2. Spend time reading about future technologies, about new trends and solutions in education
3. Consume less
4. Turn off your TV once in a while
5. Remember, fear is not your friend
6. Spend time thinking about when you were a kid and how amazing things could be.
7. Laugh.
8. Take a nice long walk regularly
9. Check your closet daily for boogymen, and if you don’t see any, relax.

Read the whole thing and bookmark the boy.  If you’re like me, you’ll occasionally disagree with him but I promise he’ll make you think… he does that for me… and in the spirit of focusing on possibilities and solutions as Mike has asked us to do and as my welcome to Mike to the blogosphere, I bring you (and especially Mike) the following video that I find amazing, that I think brings much promise and that I think makes the future cool again:


O, BATF, Where Is Thy Sting?