Redesignapalooza Day Three – I Hear You Edition

Yesterday’s extravaganza sure was fun.  Nothing like getting verbally beaten down all day.

Anyway here’s the news of the day…

As you can see we’ve added more text to the featured image slider.  I’ll be adding the comment count there as well.

As I indicated in the comments to yesterday’s post there’s a link in the main navigation bar for “Archives.”  That’s a view that some people have asked for.  In the future I may integrate that view so you can set it as a default.

Some time in the next day or two I will be adding Previous/Next navigation on each post, just like we had on the old site.

I’m still looking at options for the threaded comments.  The problem is that I’m not sure that I can please everyone there.  Some people much prefer the threading, and others do not.

I’ve had reports of the site crashing on Internet Explorer 8.  I’m working on solving those, but  I need a lot more detail from folks, as I’ve not been able to replicate the crashes on IE8 on Windows 7.  I need your OS version, IE version, and and personal firewalls or security software you have installed (like Norton, McAfee, etc.) so I can troubleshoot.  If you’d be willing to install Team Viewer we could setup a time where I could remote in and look at the errors as you experience them.  Leave a comment if you’re interested in that.

And finally I’m working on finishing out some of the rough edges and finishing the sidebars and footers.

The Silence of the LSM