Obama flips a symbolic bird at Ronald Reagan

In England no less where folks gathered to honor The Gipper and his legacy:

This weekend, as America celebrated Independence Day, a statue of President Ronald Reagan was unveiled in London.  Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and others were on hand for the dedication.  The bronze statue sits in the same park as a statue dedicated to the memory of Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, which was dedicated in 1989 by the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher.  The Reagan statue is part of the world-wide celebrations celebrating the centennial of Reagan’s birth.

That night, a dinner was held in honor of Reagan.  It capped a day of events that celebrated the life and extraordinary achievements of the 40th President of the United States.  Yet, missing from the dinner – clearly the biggest event of the day – was United States Ambassador Louis Susman.  While he did host a VIP breakfast that morning, Susman was absent from the grandest event, where speeches were given and the memory of Reagan was put forth – reminding everyone of his impact, and his legacy.

From all reports, Susman was not sick, stricken with illness or involved in a really intense game of Farmville.  He simply didn’t show up, as the representative of the United States, to an event honoring one of the greatest presidents in US history.  Susman didn’t show up to honor the long standing relationship that the US and Great Britain have; one that solidified in World War II, and was made stronger through the Cold War and its eventual end — and end that was percipitated by the man they were there to honor!  The event itself served British lamb and California chardonnay…not a coincidence, but a reminder of that relationship.

The London Evening Standard reported this quote from the event:

“Our ambassador should be here,” said Lynn de Rothschild, the American entrepreneur who is married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and was one of Hillary Clinton’s key fundraisers in 2008 as well as a supporter of several Republican presidential candidates. “This was an historic dinner to mark Reagan’s centenary and to celebrate him as the man who ended the Cold War. What could not be more important?

This says it all. The event wasn’t about politics, or partisanship.  It was about the recognition that the world is a better place because Ronald Reagan helped make it a better place.  Not just for Republicans or Conservatives, but for all people, in every corner of the world.

Obama doesn’t care about that, and the skipping of the event by Susman proves it.  Obama is beyond partisan.  He is a manipulative ideologue.  And Susman’s no-show at the event speaks very loud and very clear.  It says, “Screw Reagan.”

Class act from this Administration but given its history, we cannot be surprised.

Come on 2012 and get here. Allow us the pleasure of pulling the lever with vigor and verve against this charlatan and thug.

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