Safe Target

This morning, the Boston Globe posted an editorial praising the Tony-award-winning show “The Book Of Mormon.” They also took the opportunity to remind everyone that Mitt Romney is a Mormon himself, and gently chided the Mormons to take the mockery in good cheer, to not get too riled up, that everyone has to let themselves occasionally be the target.

Good advice. Just like the Catholics with “Nunsense,” and Christians in general in “Angels In America” among others, now it’s the Mormons’ turn to show they can take a joke.

But I have to wonder when the brave Broadway and Hollywood artists will demonstrate their courage by applying the same gimlet eye to Islam. “My Fair Mohammed?” “Jihad Habit To Break?” “72 Virgins For One Martyr?” “Four Brides For One Brother?” “Sunday In The Park With Achmed The Dead Terrorist?” “Waiting For The 13th Imam?”

Oh, that’s right. We already have had a sneak preview of Islamist theater criticism.

But who cares? It’s for art. And artists are brave. This is an artistic necessity.

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