Yeah, I'm Probably Breaking Things…

Sometime this evening or tomorrow morning we’ll be switching this site from our old Movable Type software to WordPress.  Expect weirdness..
While we’re at it I figured it was time to do a redesign as well.  A mockup of that you’ll see later this weekend is shown above.
Things you can do to prepare…
– Get a Disqus account or be ready use one of the alternative ientity methods that they support for commenting.  We’ve been using Disqus on Wizbang Pop! and it’s worked out real well so I’m going to deploy it here.
– Relax.  It will take a little bit to workout some of the kinks. The big stuff should work out of the box, but there’s bound to be minor errors.  We’ll find them and fix them.
Ultimate Justice
"Leaders at a certain point are going to rise to the occasion, leaders are going to lead"