Up Is Down, Black Is White…

Yesterday, I reported that I had learned a few new things of late.

For example. automation is both a major cause of job loss and of job growth. That Obama blames a lot of our economic woes on owners of corporate jets who took advantage of the tax break Obama gave them in his stimulus bill.

I’ve also learned other things. things such as that when we drop bombs and missiles on a sovereign nation with the intent of deposing or killing the head of state, it’s not really a war unless the president says it is. Or that Michigan’s law that absolutely forbids any kind of discrimination based on race or sex is, in and of itself, racially and sexually discriminatory. That a government that has run up a debt of over 14 trillion dollars — more than doubled in eight years — doesn’t have a spending problem, but just needs more money.

I’m starting to think I’m just not cut out for understanding modern politics.

I wonder if my health insurance would cover the necessary lobotomy, so I can?

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