Washington [com]Post rushes to press with a lie

First the lie (via an anonymous source):

Critic of ATF gun-trafficking [Rep Darrel Issa] program raised no objection when briefed last year


By Jerry Markon and Sari Horwitz | The Washington Post

A chief Republican critic of a controversial U.S. anti-gun-trafficking operation was briefed on ATF’s “Fast and Furious” program last year and did not express any opposition, sources familiar with the classified briefing said Tuesday.Rep. Darrell Issa (Calif.), who has repeatedly called for top
Justice Department officials to be held accountable for the now-defunct
operation, was given highly specific information about it at an April
2010 briefing, the sources said. Members of his staff also attended the
session, which Issa and two other Republican congressmen had requested.

Emphasis added.

Note that the “sources” are not named.

Now the fscking (via a named source):

Issa camp says Washington Post wrong on Gunrunner story

By Matthew Boyle | The Daily Caller

A spokesman for Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican and the
chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told The Daily Caller that
the Washington Post is the only news organization to bite
on new
misleading sentiments from the Justice Department.

A Wednesday Washington Post story used anonymous Justice Department sources to bash Issa’s investigation into Project Gunrunner and Operation Fast and Furious.

The anonymous sources claimed that Issa attended a classified April
2010 briefing for members of Congress and their staffers about the
programs that have allowed American guns into Mexican drug cartels’

Issa spokesman Frederick Hill told The Daily Caller the Post is the
first newspaper to run these DOJ claims, but not the first one the
Justice Department went to with them.

“We have had people who have contacted us before the Washington
Post,” Hill said. “They told us people in the Justice Department were
trying to push this story and I think a number of publications didn’t
think it was credible or, for whatever reason, decided not to run it.”

I’ve not had much to say about Operation Fast and Furious (aka Gunwalker) up to this point,   largely because I am inclined to believe the worst of this [mis]Administration.  Nor would I ever be accused of being a fan of the BATFE.  I am thus inclined to believe the worst of the BATFE, the Justice Department, and the current Executive Branch political appointees in general.  As such, the whole stinking mess hits most of my hot buttons and plays on my contempt for the lawlessness of 0bama and his flunkies.

The Washington [com]Post obviously has the mirror image of my issues, but is demonstrably less concerned about being blinded by its prejudices.

How many times must the LSM shoot off various portions of their anatomy before they realize that not only does it hurt, but that the loss of credibility also hurts their corporate profitability as their consumers look elsewhere for reliable news?

Hat Tip: The Captain’s Journal who comments:

…If someone at the Justice Department, even with legitimate e-mail,
phone number, title and name, had told me that Representative Issa had
been briefed on Gunrunner in April of 2010 and said nothing about the
approach, I would have rejected this source immediately and with
prejudice if they had demanded to remain anonymous.

Let me be clear.  Even if this report was correct, it doesn’t exonerate the ATF from wrongdoing.  As I have pointed out before,
“isn’t okay for the ATF to violate the National Firearms Act or the
Arms Export Control Act if I must live within its stipulations.”  But
since the report has no name attached to it, let me offer some counsel
to this supposed anonymous source at the Justice Department.

Have some balls.  I don’t use a pseudonym.  I put my name on
everything I write, and I back it up or retract it.  If you want to be
taken seriously, don’t go around whispering secrets to the media.  Step
forward, bring your evidence, and stand by your account.  Otherwise,
you’re just a coward.  As for the Washington Post, it really looks awful
for you to be in bed with cowards.

Doesn’t it just?

Via: Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds

UPDATE below the fold
]]>< ![CDATA[Bob Owens of PJM returns to the fray:

‘Gunwalker’ Goes Pravda: White House Unleashes MSM

The Post prints an attack on Issa that no
other paper saw fit to run: an anonymous hit job concocted by the Obama
administration. And The Times finally talks Gunwalker … by attacking the GOP. With a debunked lie.

by Bob Owens | PJM

To date, Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Charles Grassley have led the
investigation of Operation Fast and Furious: a multi-agency scheme that
allowed known straw purchasers to buy an estimated 2,000 firearms and to
smuggle them into Mexico, into the hands of the narco-terrorists of
Mexican cartels. An estimated 150 Mexican police officers and soldiers
have been killed by the weapons.

Issa and Grassley have been operating in a near vacuum, with very
little coverage from the media. This is stunning considering the scope
of the plot, which seems to have originated at the highest levels of
government. But on Tuesday, two of the largest and most influential news
organizations finally saw fit to address the matter head-on.

By targeting the messenger.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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