There's something about Jon Stewart…

… that intrigues me and that I find fascinating.

Yesterday, I put up his interview with Chris Wallace and opined that he is clearly in denial as to the mainstream media’s liberal bias. 

Today, via Wheat & Weeds, I stumble across his absolute smackdown of that same media’s handling of the Sarah Palin email release and find myself laughing out loud.  Watch it and gauge your own  reaction:

In his Wallace interview yesterday, Stewart stated that he was a comedian first and not a liberal activist as Wallace was claiming. I believe that. In fact, what I really believe about Stewart is that he’s an honest liberal and that I think is at the center of why there’s something about the man.

I rarely find honesty and liberalism to be joined at the hip.  In fact, I can’t at the moment think of someone I’d call an honest liberal other than Stewart (feel free to name your own honest liberals in the comments and perhaps freshen my thinking). 

When Stewart claims, as he did during the Wallace interview, that the mainstream media isn’t biased but simply lazy and sensationalist, though I may disagree with the assertion, I think he makes the claim with integrity.  In other words, he’s convinced it’s true and thus proclaims this ‘truth’ as he sees it and not out of some duplicitous attempt to lie and cover up for those who share his ideology. 

For that I can respect the man even though I usually disagree with him and for that I can confess to being intrigued and fascinated by him.  Of course, nailing the media for their attempted and failed smear of Sarah Palin helps.

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