The Unified Betty and Veronica Theory

If you’ve followed the l’affaire de le Weiner, you probably know by now that Betty and Veronica are fake. (more here) This begs the obvious questions of who created these personas and why. Especially why.

Jen Preston of the New York Times writes her piece to insinuate that ‘Betty and Veronica’ must be right wingers because after all, they offered dirt on Weiner to the #BornFreeCrew.  This theory is deeply flawed because after the now infamous junk shot, ‘Betty and Veronica’ strongly defended Weiner and smeared Brietbart. (who just so happened to also be getting smeared by Weiner et al at the same time) Ace has a must read on this and all the other theories floating out there.

Except one.

As Ace notes all the current theories share a taint of implausibility. But there is one theory that explains everything. And while it is also a bit implausible, it is more plausible than most and it does have the advantage of exactly fitting the circumstances, which many of the theories don’t.

It’s important to remember before we start, that ‘Betty and Veronica’ –offered– dirt on Weiner. They never produced any.

The ‘best fit’ theory is that ‘Betty and Veronica’ are part of Weiners inner circle. A staffer(s) or a friend(s) who either suspected (knew) what Weiner was up to and was trying to run interference and/or they engaged @goatsred to try to set the #BornFreeCrew up.

The big question in everyone’s mind is why their motivations appeared to do a hard 180 from ‘get Weiner’ to ‘help Weiner and Get Brietbart.’  I submit they were never out to get Weiner, they were baiting the BornFree crew. The offer of dirt on Weiner was a feint.

(to rip off Ace) Why must this be true? Well for starters, it is the only theory I know of that makes all the pieces fit. Sure it -looked- like Betty did not previously know Weiner but if the motivation was to stir stuff with the crew, her over the top asking Weiner to the prom was sure to get their notice. If it was a staffer trying to save him from himself, asking him to the prom was one sure way to get him to notice her. (or him)

Also Betty sought out other women that Weiner followed and engaged them. That fits very nicely that it was a staffer trying to figure out what the boss was doing in his spare time.

Lastly, it also completely explains why they are out to get the devil incarnate Andrew Brietbart.

Why must this be false?  Well, that’s why I like it so much… So far I can not shoot it down.

I think a concerned staffer checking on the boss and/or stirring trouble with the bosses’ nemesis is not near as implausible as most (if not all) of the other working theories.

And it has the advantage of exactly fitting the events that transpired. (I think)

If I’m a moron and missed something obvious, ping me in the comments and if you see a hole in theory I don’t, I’ll put it in the post but so far, that’s all I got. 

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