Would-Be Bomber Arrested Near The Arlington National Cemetery

I’m not even sure he’s a would-be bomber. They closed down the highway for hours around the cemetery just to be safe. Here’s what the FBI had to say about what we know now:

Whatever’s going on, the rumors are going crazy. I’ve heard the backpack was full of ammonium nitrate (homemade explosives—fertilizer), as well as bullet casings and written material referring al Qaeda and the Taliban. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was another lone-gunman-style bombing to bring awareness to…some sort of thing that everybody’s doing to the poor, innocent Muslims oppressed everywhere.

Disgruntled much?


U.S. Formally Drops Charges Against bin Laden: Great. That’s just great. I say dredge up the fish food and give him the old Spanish Inquisition.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition…

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