Rumor-Mongering: Sarah Palin Makes Her Presidential Decision Next Week?

Sarah and a gun

If you can’t believe completely anonymous campaign rumors on the internet, what can you believe? When this first came out, I sat back on the old ‘Publish’ button and waited. Waited for some reason, I can’t say why. Other people hit that ‘Publish’ button, then retracted. Maybe the reason I waited was because of Britney Spears.

I’m not comparing Spears to Palin in other way than the goings on in their lives is massively interesting to some. Back in the 2006, I got my start over at Pop! by my constant, consistent, and mildly obsessive tracking of all things Britney. For a while, no matter what she did, wore, slept with, birthed, cut off or killed was big news. And that was without her even trying. So, now, is Sarah Palin.

With Sarah Palin, even non-stories are stories. And the press, acting like paparazzi, gets mad because she treats them like paparazzi. There’s a reason Sarah Palin’s Alaska was a big hit (stalker and all). Even non-stories are stories. Because it’s Sarah Palin.

I’m not gonna blame McCain in this case, as he probably thought he had good, reliable information. He just needed to sit on it for a while. He’s not the first person in the world to get antsy with the ‘Publish’ button. Won’t be the last, either.


Speaking of naps, I was taking one after post title revision #4 (followed quickly by revision #4.1), and missed the update to the update. No denial is confirmation, eh? Game still on, I’d say.


As an aside, I’m about sick of seeing her name in polls when she isn’t officially running. Why put her on there (and Rick Perry, too) if she isn’t even eligible. I get the name recognition thing, but Trump was on the polls, too. He was never running.

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