Obama Then, Obama Now

Old & busted: if I can’t do it in three years, then I’m out

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New hotness busted: ya see, what happened was…ATMs….see….

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I can see his point, back in 2009. When the country was waking up from an economic hangover, there was a decision to be made: cold turkey (stop spending) or Wild Turkey (spend, spend like the wind!). Seems the president chose poorly (shoulda gone with Thunderbird).

And, I see his point about today. Companies are making profits. I’m not sure how ‘record’ they are, but I sure know the quickest way to kill them off: hire people. Especially when you know that they’ll cost you even more as soon as some of this Obamacare stuff hits.

Still, this is his problem. He built it, he owns it. There’s a reason every Republican is racing to be the first one to tell you about who got us into this economic mess was. And that’s why every Republican has a similar plan to get us out: undo the crap that Obama did.

'Hope 'n' Change' Reality Check
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