"It takes a different kind of person to speak the language."

Althouse asks the question related to a link in my post on Ladd Ehlinger Jr.’s attack ad. She asks of the quote I’ve titled this post:

Was that a reference to race, and if so…. does that make the response — a crazy viral ad — not racist?

My short answer would be, yeah, and yeah.

My longer answers would be to the first part, that the quote was a reference to race, I would ask anyone, how could it be construed otherwise? That you need one race of people to speak to that same race of people? I mean, it’s not like people can learn to speak jive or nuthin…

As to the second part, the response? Yes, there are racially-charged themes. That would be the point of the ad, a parody of what happened with the penal system under Janice Hahn’s watch.

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