'Hope 'n' Change' Reality Check


Women and minorities hardest hit: “I am just a little bit weary of the
promises that (Obama) has made. I really haven’t been seeing any kind of
changes that affect me directly.

That’s from a discouraging piece in the Daily Mail about Destiny Mathis, who personally wrote to President Obama two years ago expressing her support for the him.  He sent her a handwritten reply on White House stationery.  Now, Mathis has been forced to sell the letter in the hopes of raising enough cash to avoid being evicted from her home:

Opening the handwritten letter from
President Obama brought a glimmer of hope to her life as he promised her
that things would get better for her and her family.

despite the fact Destiny Mathis, from Hobart, Indiana, treasured the
letter, more than two years later she has no choice but to sell it as
she and her three children face eviction from their home.

26-year-old was an avid campaigner for Mr Obama in 2008, getting
T-shirts made and encouraging people in her neighbourhood to vote.

She graduated top of her class in 2005
and was working as a surgical technician while also helping her mother,
who was battling cancer at the time.

She said: ‘I campaigned for him hard. I got the shirts made, the Barack the Vote shirts made. We’ve done a lot.’

It was about half way into the President’s term that things took a downward spiral for her.

Her third baby was born prematurely with health problems and with limited daycare options she could no longer work.

Her partner also left around this time.

With nowhere else to turn, she decided to write the President a letter.

told the Huffington Post: ‘I wrote him just expressing my concern about
what’s going to happen in the next two years. I know he’s under a lot
of stress, but I need to see more results.’

Today the ‘hopium’ high is gone, and the sad reality of President Obama’s failed economic policies has set in.  And it is biting very hard.  I’ll grant that some of the circumstances that led to Mathis’ current state of destitution are of course beyond control of the President.  But since she has apparently been out of work for at least a year, it is very unlikely that she will be hired again in the near future.  And that is directly attributable to the President’s policies.

Mathis’ story also perfectly illustrates the grand irony of Democratic Party rule — the ‘party of the common man’ invariably makes things much worse for poor and working class Americans when they cede control of the economy to Big Business, Big Banking, Big Labor, and Big Government. 

I wonder, if Destiny Mathis had been a “bundler” delivering up to $500,000 in donations to the Obamas instead of wasting her time printing corny t-shirts (presumably with her own money) and knocking on doors in the ‘hood during the 2008 campaign, might she have landed a cushy “key administration post” in the Obama White House, instead of ending up long-term unemployed?

Another Obama myth, busted — the man who was ‘not for sale’ and who would ‘end business as usual in Washington’ ended up being one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, schmoozers of mega campaign donors ever to inhabit the White House.

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