The E-Mails That Didn't Bark In The Night

With all the fuss about Sarah Palin’s e-mails from her tenure as governor being released, I — like a lot of folks — were amused to see so many of her detractors forced to admit that there was no ‘there” there. Big bombshells? She was a very active, very involved, and very personable governor of remarkably even temperament.

That got me wondering: wouldn’t it be equally fascinating to poke through Barack Obama’s e-mails from his tenure in the Illinois State Senate and the US Senate?

And then I realized I already knew the answer:

No, it wouldn’t.

All those e-mails would do would be to confirm that he really is the empty suit a lot of us have seen him as for years.

I can imagine what his e-mails would be like. Generic responses to fan mail that say nothing. Weaselly no-position statements that say nothing. Lofty rhetoric that says nothing. Exhortations of “bipartisanship” that say nothing.

It would be an advanced course in taking the most possible words to say the least possible things.

There would be no grand insights, as there is nothing overly or particularly insightful to be gained from Obama. We wouldn’t gain insights into his thoughts when he weighed difficult issues, because he always avoided taking controversial positions.

And there wouldn’t even be the entertainment value of seeing him fumble and go all Biden when he’s deprived of his TelePrompter — because the written word is far more forgiving in allowing one time to reflect and carefully consider one’s words before they are committed to the public.

(Trust me on that one. All of you you enjoy catching my typos and other errors here — you should see the ones that DON’T get published.)

But there is one thing about Obama’s e-mail records that could prove interesting — the spin generated by his defenders when asked why his legislative records are still so tightly sealed. If we could harness that spin, maybe by putting a wind turbine in front of them, we could end our dependence on foreign oil entirely.

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