New Hampshire Republican Debate

With the complete and total lack of the NFL, I’m forced to come up with something else to obsess over. While the presidency isn’t as important as finding out if the Falcons can finally make somebody punt in the playoffs, I’m sure some of ya’ll are interested in this thing.

Here’s to hoping something interesting happens.

For those interested, the GOP debate drinking game.

Post mortem analysis:

Everybody on the stage is better the current president. Then again, a ham sandwich can do a better job than the current president. I’d vote for a ham sandwich over that guy. Let’s face it, a ham sandwich probably couldn’t do a worse job.

The Sharia law litmus test will be in the first paragraph of your newspaper articles tomorrow. Nothing else was even close to bulletin board material for the Democrats.

And now, a poll…

Update: Tim Pawlenty disappeared as a selection when I first put up this poll. I had all seven in the poll, and his name just disappeared. I blame Michele Bachmann. Or Mitt Romney. Or…one of them other guys. It is fixed now.

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